American Apprenticeship Initiative

What is the American Apprenticeship Initiative?

The American Apprenticeship Initiative is a federally supported initiative aimed at stimulating the tech sector, and addressing talent shortages with new employee training and education in non-traditional ways.

The Hawaii awards for the American Apprenticeship Initiative awards registered apprentice candidates with a $7,500 training stipend to offset partial or full amounts of employee training to send new hires through accelerated training programs such as DevLeague, to gain technical skills and experience at a subsidized cost, while receiving hands on mentorship in custom on the job training.

Unlike internships where requirements such as attending a university or college to achieve acceptance and experience in companies with hopes of obtaining a job, apprenticeships takes a different path and promotes the idea where companies accelerate the growth of current or future employees to become valuable new additions to their organization for years to come.

Value for Employers

Are you tired of an uninspiring stack of resumes? Do you have a candidate with all the right ingredients but in need of additional skills training? Employees are the lifeblood of any organization and the war for talent is real. In Hawaii specifically, we often face “brain drain” and the repeated failure of mainland recruitment strategies.

With apprenticeship, organizations have the opportunity to source local candidates with high growth potential or level up current employees in an accelerated pace, within the values and culture of the organization, build trust and loyalty, and have a sustainable program for talent generation and retention. Through the AAI program, financial assistance will be provided to to registered programs to send apprentices through education or vocational programs if eligible.  

Value for Future Employees

Obtain training on-the-job or as you work. 

Unlike common non-committal or low-growth internships, there are no stipends or temporary arrangements. You are an employee, hired into an organization, that is investing in you and your potential. An apprenticeship involves on-the-job training where you gain valuable mentorship and experience in the work environment while receiving on the job training.

At the end of your apprenticeship training, employees are promoted from apprentice status to a standard position within their team, and are poised to accelerate their career path within the organization.

How to get started with AAI

DevLeague has four qualified tracks to choose from for the American Apprenticeship Initiative: 

Javascript Web Engineer

Big Data Analyst

The process for applying to American Apprenticeship Initiative can seem daunting at first, but really there are 3 key sections to filling out the application: Appendix C, Appendix D, and HCC Apprentice Office. In order to make things a little bit easier, we’ve done some of the work for you! Find downloadable Appendix D sections, pre-filled with the information for our JavaScript Web Engineer and Big Data Analyst courses. 

Appendix D: DevLeague JavaScript Web Engineer

Appendix D: DevLeague Big Data Analyst

We aren’t able to include Appendix C as a download because it’s so specific to the employer, however we’re more than happy to help employers to fill out Appendix C when they send their employees through one of our programs.